I’m sitting at the kitchen table at my Dad’s in Minnesota, sucking down some Chase & Sanborn special roast while looking out the sliding doors to the balcony and the forest’s edge beyond that. Most of the leaves on the trees are green yet but there are some birch trees with deep yellow leaves edged in brown. Enter here, from the deep recesses of my mind, John Cleese saying “The Larch” a few times. It’s odd but it happens.

Today is day seven of my vacation. I have had a very enjoyable time with my parents here at their house. I pulled a full seven days from my PTO bank at work. I’m not due back there until 12 October. I have not had any Starbucks since the Hinsdale oasis in the Chicago area. That was a simple shaken green iced tea, no classic, no water. I’m currently wondering how I will react to my daily order of a 12 ounce red eye when I start back to work.

I play World of Warcraft. The withdrawal has been a little worse than I thought. I miss my guildies and the bullshitting we do in guild chat. I miss my RP friend too.

It had been my intention to upgrade the RAM in my little Compaq laptop and install DAZ Studio on it, but that never happened. Not that I have had time to do much prior to going to bed.

My days here have been long and full. I have taken in local sights as well as not so local sights. I have been fishing and will be preparing to go again today. There will be a visit to the Duluth Zoo later today. Tomorrow, my last full day here, we will be going to the State fairgrounds where a gathering of most of the animal rescue groups in the state will take place. My parents recently lost a dog to cancer and are seeking a new one as a companion to the other that they have.

It was easy to physically let go of work. Mentally, not so much. I know a good many things will have piled up, requiring my attention upon my return. I wonder what the new end-of-month volume will be for one thing. My vacation time had not been factored in to the original goal volume. Meh…that’s what happens. Bean counters only count the beans. I’ve yet to meet one that understands how the beans get moved before counting them.

Early Sunday morning, perhaps 05:00 hours, I will start my 16 hour journey home. I rented a car and drove here for the express reason of being able to stop and sight see wherever I saw fit. I rented a car so I wouldn’t put the wear and tear of the drive on my own. Less out of pocket further down the road for major repairs or replacements.


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Cranky 30-something, skeptic, atheist, collector of manga and anime, World of Warcraft player, and poster of random replies/thoughts/gripes.
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