Drama in My TL

Yesterday, there was considerable drama in my TL from a good many people that I follow. Being that I gloss over my TL while I’m at work, I don’t really have the luxury of keeping up with an entire thread and, by the time I get home, things have pretty much been sorted out. People either reconcile the difference or part ways and unfollow each other. Perhaps a new account is created and the old deleted or abandoned. I don’t know.

I dislike seeing this kind of stuff in my TL. As an atheist, I came to Twitter hoping to find other atheists, as well as abuse it as an RSS feed (news articles are awesome). The drama that happened yesterday, not to mention the Atheism/Atheism+ crap that happened some time ago, reminds me of high school and how all the bloody popular people would bicker over things and the cliques would shift, associations change, and wait for the next cycle. This bickering was a non-starter for me, one of the geek/nerd/fatty/what-have-you outcasts that interacted with the popular kids when necessary. As such, I didn’t give a Flying Dutchman about who was, or wasn’t, talking that particular day, week, or month.

On Twitter, that same Flying Dutchman is not given over the arguments/bickering/other-non-starters that occur between groups and individuals. I follow folks because they have ideas that I agree with, have proven to be intellectually stimulating, or are funny as all get-out. Sometimes a person is all three. If a person, or group of people, decide to unfollow someone else, I do not follow suit until I’m given a personal reason to unfollow.

Which brings me to Follow Friday, or #FF. I tweet my list(s) of “Fab Folks”, the people I really like. This list is based on interaction with individuals or enjoyment of what is posted from the account. I’m willing to bet that most of the people I consider fab are either already followed or are on someone’s shit list. If the account is one of the latter, don’t follow it and don’t give me grief for following it because of an argument in which I was not a participant. If my association with a particular person offends you then, by all means, unfollow me. I don’t keep track of who unfollows me. I’m hardly one of the “movers and shakers” of the atheist community on Twitter.

This is where I stand. You can either take it or leave it. I’ll be doing my usual things: griping about work in some fashion, posting #RandomLyrics, making smart ass quips to posts in my TL, giving a post a favourite and/or retweet, and engaging others in my TL.


About criminystfu

Cranky 30-something, skeptic, atheist, collector of manga and anime, World of Warcraft player, and poster of random replies/thoughts/gripes.
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